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The next generation Package Manager for Kubernetes


Deploy, Configure and Update Kubernetes packages 20x faster than with Helm

Enterprise ready

Manage the Kubernetes packages your core application depends on or distribute internal services charts to your developers with the Glasskube package manager.

Advanced GitOps Integration

Glasskube integrates into your GitOps workflow you already have in place. It integrates with Renovate and will provide resource level diffs right into your pull request.

Open Source

Glasskube is fully Open-Source, part of the CNCF landscape and is Apache-2.0 licensed. Developed by dozens of contributors from all over the world.

Let Glasskube take care about your Kubernetes infrastructure

Focus on simplicity and reliability

After installation, use glasskube serve to browse and find all your favorite packages in one place. You do not need to look for a Helm repository to find a specific package.

Glasskube overview pageGlasskube overview page

Package configurations

Configure packages with typesafe input values via the UI and with an interactive questioner via the cli. Your also able to inject values from other packages, ConfigMaps and Secrets. Say Good-Bye to un-typed and un-documented values.yaml files.

Glasskube package configuration pageGlasskube package configuration page

Dependency Management

Glasskube packages are dependency aware, so they can be used and referenced by multiple other packages. They will also get installed in the correct namespace. This is how umbrella charts should have worked from the beginning.

Glasskube dependency pageGlasskube dependency page

Safe Package updates

Preview and perform pending Updates to your desired version with a single click of a button. All updates have been tested the Glasskube test suite before being available in the public respository.

Glasskube package updatesGlasskube package updates

Reactions and comments

Discuss and upvote your favorit Kubernetes package on GitHub or right inside the Glasskube UI.

Glasskube package reactionsGlasskube package reactions

Multiple Repositories and private packages

Use multiple repositories and publish your own private packages. This could be your companies Internal services packages, so all developers will have the up-to-date and easily configured internal services.

Glasskube settings pageGlasskube settings page

Learn how to use Glasskube in less than 2 minutes

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