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🧊 The next generation Package Manager for Kubernetes 📦

Glasskube -  🧊 The next generation Package Manager for Kubernetes 📦 | Product Hunt

CLI and GUI available

CLI und UI as first class components. It doesn't matter if you prefer managing your packages via a CLI or UI - Glasskube supports both.

Dependency aware

Glasskube packages are dependency aware. If two packages require the same dependency, Glasskube makes sure it only gets installed once.

GitOps ready

All packages are stored in custom resources, which can easily be managed with your favorite GitOps tool like ArgoCD or Flux.

Automated updates

Glasskube ensures your Kubernetes packages and apps are always up-to-date, minimizing the manual effort required for maintenance.

Central package repository

Keep track of all your packages in one central repository, with a planned feature for custom repositories.

Cluster Scan

Introducing the Cluster Scan feature in a future version, which allows you to detect packages in your cluster, providing valuable insights for better management and upgrade paths.

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