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To upgrade the Glasskube CLI, simply install the latest version via your preferred package manager.

To upgrade Glasskube on macOS, use the following command:

brew upgrade glasskube

After upgrading Glasskube on your local machine, make sure to install the necessary components in your Kubernetes cluster by running glasskube bootstrap. For more information, check out our bootstrap guide.

Cluster Components

To upgrade the Glasskube cluster components, run glasskube boostrap using the same configuration that was used for the initial installation.

Breaking Changes

Upgrading to v0.10.0

While our goal is to prevent breaking changes if possible, this release includes several major changes in the Glasskube system:

  1. The scope of the Package CRD has been changed from Cluster to Namespaced.
  2. Flux components have been updated to the latest API version.
  3. The naming strategy for PackageInfos and HelmReleases was changed.
  4. The ownership model was overhauled in order to not rely on native OwnerReferences, since they have become limiting to our usecase.

Unfortunately, this means that a migration from prior releases is not supported. Please remove Glasskube from your cluster using glasskube purge, then install the new version.


This will remove all installed packages.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out. We are happy to assist.