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Our next milestones and previous releases are managed on GitHub and are the single source of truth.

Pre Releases until v1​

Our pre releases are technical proof of concepts that aim to inspire technical folks and will give you a way to try our latest development snapshot where we ship features fast.

v0.0.1- first working PackageOperator
- first working client (UI & CLI)
- install first packages (cert-manager, …)
- bootstrap command
Released on Jan 31Released
v0.0.2- open command
- real-time-updates
- add more supported packages
Released on Feb 09Released
v0.0.3- add package updates and outdated information
- support version pinning
Released on Feb 27Released
v0.1.0- support packages with dependencies
- dark mode
Released on Mar 21Released
v0.2.0- support package suspension
- package configuration
Started on Mar 22In development
v0.3.0- handle secrets
- support backups

First Releases from v1​

Our v1.0.0 milestone is something we will combine with a launch on ProductHunt and similar platforms. It will include all features we think are necessary for glasskube to become the best package manager for Kubernetes and the community can publish their packages via Glasskube.

v1.0.0- supporting Apps via the Glasskube Apps Operator
- Your feature requests

Stable Releases​

Becoming a stable software from a point where interfaces, manifests, and functionality remain unchanged, typically requires significant time, a dedicated community and a big user base. As we are working towards this goal we will need to iterate fast and things will break. However, already from the beginning we want to provide stable automated upgrade paths so your packages don´t break!

Packages and Apps schedule​

Can't find a package or want your app included in the list? We are always adding new supported packages & apps, so just join us on Discord or open up a new issue and let us know what is missing!

VersionPackage/ App
v0.0.3Cert Manager cert-manager/cert-manager
Ingress-NGINX Controller kubernetes/ingress-nginx
Kubernetes Dashboardkubernetes/dashboard
Cyclops cyclops-ui/cyclops
v0.1.0Keptn keptn/lifecycle-toolkit
v0.2.0Kube-Prometheus-Stack prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-stack
MariaDB Operator mariadb-operator/mariadb-operator
CloudNativePG cloudnative-pg/cloudnative-pg
v0.3.0Velero vmware-tanzu/velero
K8sGPT k8sgpt-ai/k8sgpt
v1.0.0Glasskube Apps Operator glasskube/operator

Glasskube Apps Operator​

The Glasskube Apps Operator supports the following Apps: